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Esthetics & Skincare

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Spa Facials

 Signature : The quintessential relaxation facial. Perfect for all skin types.

$100 - 60min

Age Defying:  Powerful products designed to turn back time. Increase collagen, soften fine lines and infuse hydration with glycolic and hyaluronic acids. Microcurrent is used to tighten facial muscles, giving you younger, firmer skin. $150 - 60min

Deep Pore :  For oily and congested skin. This treatment exfoliates, detoxifies and clarifies problematic skin. Includes extractions, LED lights and high frequency. $130 - 60min

Brightening : Designed to address hyperpigmentation. This facial is enriched with vitamins and antioxidants to transform dull skin into bright, glowing radiant skin. $110 - 60min


Gentlemen’s :  A specialized facial just for men. This treatment will restore sun damage and repair dehydrated, coarse skin. Includes a scalp and beard massage and a brightening eye treatment. $110 - 60min




Bio Active Peel (mild) $125 - 45min

Black and Gold Salicylic Peel (medium) $125 - 45min

DermaWare Lactic Acid Peel (strong) $150 - 45min

Boosters (extra strong) $40 - 45min

Package: Series of six (mild & medium, $750 value) $600 - 45min

Series of six (strong, $900 value) $750 - 45min




A clinical grade facial with powerful peptides and acids that penetrate the deepest layers of the skin transforming its chemistry. The dual suction component removes impurities leaving your skin clear and flawless. Softens fine lines and improves sun damage, age spots, acne and superficial scarring.

30 min (treatment only) - $125

60min (customized masque and massage)  - $195

90min (LED lights, lymphatic drainage massage and lip treatment) - $250

Series of Six - $975 ($1170 Value)

Series of Six - $1250 ($1500 Value)


Hydra Facial Booster Serum Treatments 

Dermabuilder (Anti-Aging) -$235 60 min/Series of Six- $1150

Brightenol  (Brightening) - $235 60 min/Series of Six- $1150

CTG  (Cell Renewal) - $235 60 min/Series of Six - $1150




A revolutionary facial treatment that instantly removes fine lines and wrinkles, while boosting skin’s elasticity and collagen.

60min with Microdermabrasion- $295

90min with HydraFacial Plus - $450

Series of three : 60min MicroLift ($885 value) -$585

Series of three :  90min Ultimate CooLift ($1,350 value) - $1,000




Non-invasive treatment using fine crystals to exfoliate the skin and stimulate the growth of new healthy tissue. Softens fine lines and improves sun damage, age spots, acne and superficial scarring. perfect for all skin types and concerns.

$95 - 45min


Back Facial

For minor to major breakouts, includes hot steam, massage, removal of blemishes, deep cleansing, therapeutic masque and Microdermabrasion.

$100 - 45min


Skin Enhancements

*Add any of our enhancements to customize your experience.

Galvanic current -$20

Microcurrent -$20

LED lights -$20

CooLift -$200

CryoClear Freeze Treatment -$50

HydraFacial Super Serum -$40

Microdermabrasion (10 min) -$25

De-stress Eye Treatment -$30

Lip Treatment (scrub & masque)- $25

Extractions (10-15 min extended per facial) -$30

Makeup Consult -$45

Event Makeup -$75

Bridal Makeup (2 sessions) -$100


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